Hacks For Travelling With Kids these Holidays

Tis the season to be jolly! Uhm… that could depend on how you tackle your next road trip with kids in tow. Traveling with kids may not always feel like that much of a holiday. So be prepared! Try to make the journey enjoyable for everyone. I can hear the ‘Mommy are we there yet” line ringing in my ear. I therefore went searching and … Continue reading Hacks For Travelling With Kids these Holidays

The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

Nowadays, our children are victims of the modern world, in which technology is the leading example of how to NOT get raised properly. We let our children expose themselves to the world through their mobile and desktop devices and often forget how exercise is important. Apart from exercise and movement as a prerequisite of every child, the values in life such as self-control, confidence, strength … Continue reading The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

Kids and Scuba Diving

If children under the age of 12 are physically, mentally and emotionally able to handle the skills and understanding the knowledge needed to scuba dive and the thirst to learn, he or she should be able to get certified. In my experience with my kids, children today are learning concepts crucial to understanding the risks involved in scuba at a younger age than previous generations. … Continue reading Kids and Scuba Diving

Set for a Tobogganing Adventure

Who needs  snow to feel like you have just entered a winter wonderland of adventure? Visit the Cool Runnings Tobogganing Park for a winter sport inspired experience. Propelled forward at thrilling speeds of up to 40 km p/h around 1200 m of tracks, whether the adventurous kid is you, your 10 year old or grandpa, fun is guaranteed to be had by all. Opening times: … Continue reading Set for a Tobogganing Adventure