Play Time: The Shopping Song

This is a great game you can play when you are out shopping to teach the little one in your care all about sequences. Great for kids over two years old, this game is almost guaranteed to get you past the sweet and toy aisles without the usual breakdown tantrum. Warning; playing this game may invoke rather strange looks from the occasional non parent type, … Continue reading Play Time: The Shopping Song

Raising a child’s IQ through Language, Listening and Music

Did you know you can raise a child’s IQ simply by engaging him or her in regular conversation? Encouraging responsiveness and enjoying their company? Language is our main avenue to learning about the world. Talking and listening to a child is one of the most important intellectual forms of stimulation a child will ever receive. Music too has been shown to boost brain development. The … Continue reading Raising a child’s IQ through Language, Listening and Music

Wriggle and Rhyme Time

Are you looking for a fun way to introduce music to your children? Are your children aged between 6 months to 3 years of age? Do you reside in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town? If you answered yes to these questions, look no further, Wriggle and Rhyme is here to assist. Wriggle and Rhyme was started in October 2008 by Kirsty Savides. Alongside her corporate … Continue reading Wriggle and Rhyme Time