Home-Schooling Tips

I heard someone once say… “only the brave teach”, it can be daunting to many. More and more parents are choosing to home-school, taking on the role of teacher too! As a mother and teacher assisting families with homeschooling, I thought I’d share some tips and advice for getting started and organised. First and foremost, in order maintain sanity, I recommend that you have a … Continue reading Home-Schooling Tips

The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

Nowadays, our children are victims of the modern world, in which technology is the leading example of how to NOT get raised properly. We let our children expose themselves to the world through their mobile and desktop devices and often forget how exercise is important. Apart from exercise and movement as a prerequisite of every child, the values in life such as self-control, confidence, strength … Continue reading The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

If You Love Puzzles, Time to Smile!

Mom’s Link Directory is pleased to introduce to you Smile Puzzles and educational toys! Smile Puzzles and Educational toys was established in 2002 by Steve Maree an industrial designer with a vision. Steve loved puzzles and he wanted to provide fun, quality educational toys and puzzles that the whole family could enjoy. With their fun, top-quality range of educational toys and puzzles which is continuously expanding to include … Continue reading If You Love Puzzles, Time to Smile!

Set for a Tobogganing Adventure

Who needs  snow to feel like you have just entered a winter wonderland of adventure? Visit the Cool Runnings Tobogganing Park for a winter sport inspired experience. Propelled forward at thrilling speeds of up to 40 km p/h around 1200 m of tracks, whether the adventurous kid is you, your 10 year old or grandpa, fun is guaranteed to be had by all. Opening times: … Continue reading Set for a Tobogganing Adventure


From the growth of a peach to the four seasons of the year, all is revealed through children’s entertainment. Magnet Theatre and Artscape welcomes you to be a part of the new generation of children’s theatre. Originally created with support from ASSITEJ South Africa, Magnet Theatre’s Tree/Boom/Umthi is a theatre production aimed at young children between the ages of 3-7.  The play teaches children about growth … Continue reading Tree/Boom/Umthi

Come Dance with Five6seven8 Dance Studio

Whether you are 7 or 70, dancing brings joy, strength and focus to the body, mind and soul. Starting out as social Latin & ballroom instructors at various studios, Alissa and Kraig, are 2 talented and passionate dancing instructors who understand this more than most. For years they had always had a vision of opening their own studio. They wanted a space  dancers of all ages could … Continue reading Come Dance with Five6seven8 Dance Studio