Home-Schooling Tips

I heard someone once say… “only the brave teach”, it can be daunting to many. More and more parents are choosing to home-school, taking on the role of teacher too! As a mother and teacher assisting families with homeschooling, I thought I’d share some tips and advice for getting started and organised.


First and foremost, in order maintain sanity, I recommend that you have a well laid out plan. Start with an annual plan, broken down into monthly, weekly and daily plans. You also need to have lesson plans for all lessons. Planning is so important as it helps you gauge time allocation for each topic, chapter, subject and so forth, in order to successfully complete your curriculum or to meet your annual target.

There are some great sites in the wonderful world wide web that offer free prints of planners, binders and so much more that will aid you in your planning. Templates such as calendars, class lists, lesson plans, blank rubrics and much more are available right at your finger tips and most of it is free!

While it makes good sense to start your long term planning now for the 2018 school year, I have touched on the basics of lesson planning in this blog. Lesson planning could be done on a short-term basis. It is one of the main functions of teachers. All lessons should be written in order to guide you through the lesson. You may have your unique teaching style based on your personality. A lesson plan helps with the flow of your lesson and helps you to assess your own teaching. You can use any format, here are some aspects that you could include in the lesson plan: subject, grade, time allocation, theme and/or topic, learning outcome, media to be used, teaching method or strategy, homework, assessments (if any) and the flow of the lesson. An example of the flow of the lesson: Activating prior knowledge, stating the topic or problem, explaining new content, practice (exercises or worksheets) and monitoring.

Stay tuned for more!

Written by: René Reid

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