Come Dance with Five6seven8 Dance Studio

Whether you are 7 or 70, dancing brings joy, strength and focus to the body, mind and soul. Starting out as social Latin & ballroom instructors at various studios, Alissa and Kraig, are 2 talented and passionate dancing instructors who understand this more than most. For years they had always had a vision of opening their own studio. They wanted a space  dancers of all ages could call a home away from home. To be THE dance studio of Johannesburg, THE place to learn how to dance.

Five6seven8 Dance Studio, Randburg Johannesburg

In early 2013 this dream finally became a reality. They opened their first official Five6Seven8 Dance Studio branch in Randburg, Johannesburg. Now their passion is extending far beyond their wildest dreams, and opening the doors to all people interested in dancing.

The list of classes on offer is extensive and beyond comprehensive including private and group classes for Latin and ballroom,  adrenalin fitness fusion, hip hop, contemporary, ballet, belly dancing, modern dancing, urban funk, nia technique and our absolute favorite, Bollywood classes!

Open Monday to Thursday from 12h00 to 21h00, Friday’s from 12h00 to 20h00 and  Saturday’s from 09h00 to 15h00 with pricing from as little as R 80 per hour for group classes, the constantly incredible feedback they get from both young and old, those with 2 left feet, and even those who have years of experience,  there is no reasonable excuse not to put on those dancing shoes, and give every class a try, at least once.

  • I have been a Latin and Ballroom student at Five6Seven8 since last year January and have Loved every second of it. I am learning proper dance technique in such way that I am being taught to dance correctly and still having great fun while I am doing it. The instructors are all friendly, professional and patient. Dancing eventually improves every part of your life, I have seen it in others and experienced it personally, from your health, social life and happiness to your confidence in every aspect of your life. The group classes and socials are also a great way to practise your dancing and meet new people. I would spend every day there if I could! – Lorian van den Berg
  • I always have a great time at the studio! The group-classes are challenging enough for more advanced dancers while giving enough support for beginners to learn the steps easily. I also take private Latin and ballroom lessons which are wonderful and professionally conducted. Furthermore the studio is managed very well and there are always new events to look forward to. The website is also very easy to use and is updated regularly. I love Five6seven8 and would recommend it to anyone who wants to dance, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced! – Marine Breytenbach
  • Absolutely love it !! The people are amazing. The socials are a blast ! This year i am going to dance everyday ! No Doubt  – Kyle Martin
  • The perfect dance studio! The instructors are understanding and fun, always making sure that students feel comfortable while still teaching them loads of new skills. Their passion for what they do shines through in every lesson they give, thank you guys!
  • One on one lessons are great. We seem to be learning pretty quickly and cant wait til we can actually just go for it and not have to think about what we are doing. Thanks Alissa you’re a hell of a teacher…
  • If you are interested in the learning to dance and having fun while doing it this is the place go. When myself and my wife started, we never danced before and I swear I had 3 left feet ;), So we were very nervous but as soon as we met Alissa and Kraig we felt comfortable and felt at ease right away. Its been almost two years now, and we are still learning and having fun with every lesson.
  • If your looking to learn to dance socially or competitively or even looking to learn to tango to dance that specially someone off her feet. I highly recommend Five6seven8 Dance Studio (Alissa and Kraig), I don’t think I would have gotten this far if it wasn’t for Alissa and Kraig.Great teachers and passion for dancing and learning other people to dance.
  • The dance instruction is fun, dynamic and challenging. The instructors have a huge amount of experience and can teach anything from local to international styles of ballroom and Latin dancing. I highly recommend this studio to anyone looking for dance lessons from amateur to professional.

Find out more here, or visit the Five6Seven8 website by clicking here. 

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