What to Ask a Babysitter

Last week we looked at the different options available to parents in sourcing a babysitter. Today we look at the aspects one should consider when sourcing a candidate yourself, through a newspaper, listing site or other direct advertising. Consider the age of your children and that of the sitter: Younger teenagers do not posses the emotional or physical maturity to deal with the many problems … Continue reading What to Ask a Babysitter

How to Find a Reliable Babysitter

Finding a reliable babysitter who you can trust with your children can be tedious and down right scary. This is especially true if your children are still very young, although we believe it is important for all children not yet of an age where they can legally be held responsible for themselves (16 +).  Knowing where to find options, what to ask, what to check and … Continue reading How to Find a Reliable Babysitter