Operation Smile

Operation Smile was a massive success. This is a copy of the letter Deryn received to thank her for her ingeniously spontaneous idea of hosting a picnic amoungst friends and turning it into not only a fantastic social get together, but a social fundraising event.  Thanks Deryn for putting this together and to all that attended and assisted in raising these funds. Perhaps you will feel inspired to host … Continue reading Operation Smile

Social Fundraising for a Smile with a Smile

Last week my family and I attended the most amazing little gathering in Cape Town. A few friends got together in a park on a sunny, and to be honest rather muddy, 18 degree day  with the goal of changing a child’s life. We literally put a smile on a child’s face for the rest of his/her life. How? A friend of mine came up … Continue reading Social Fundraising for a Smile with a Smile