Play Time: The Shopping Song

This is a great game you can play when you are out shopping to teach the little one in your care all about sequences. Great for kids over two years old, this game is almost guaranteed to get you past the sweet and toy aisles without the usual breakdown tantrum. Warning; playing this game may invoke rather strange looks from the occasional non parent type, however, this is about your child, not them, stay in the happy bubble. When we have little ones, and they never stay little for long, it’s really the best opportunity to bring out that inner child and celebrate life in song and dance as often as possible.

Ever heard the nursery rhyme; ‘London Bridge is falling down? If not here’s a brilliant video depicting lines, and tune:

What does this have to do with shopping and sequences? When getting ready to go to the shop, change the words to the song, and sing, ‘Let’s go do the shopping now, shopping now shopping now. Let’s go do the shopping now, my fair (child’s name). Repeat this pattern, with changes to words and actions as you go along. So for example “First we find the shopping cart (x 3), my fair….., Now we put the x(milk, bread, etc) in the shopping cart(x3) my fair ….., now we go to the tills….., then we take the groceries home …. Now we put the shopping away (and when packing away back in the privacy of home, you can full soprano and really get into describing each item, perhaps with a bit of a jig for extra impact), we have finished the shopping now, shopping now…! Well done!

Written by: Bianca Steyn

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