Hacks For Travelling With Kids these Holidays

Tis the season to be jolly! Uhm… that could depend on how you tackle your next road trip with kids in tow. Traveling with kids may not always feel like that much of a holiday. So be prepared! Try to make the journey enjoyable for everyone. I can hear the ‘Mommy are we there yet” line ringing in my ear. I therefore went searching and came across these 25 traveling hacks in the hope of making my next journey (and hopefully yours too) more enjoyable. So here goes.


  1. Before leaving, research roadside attractions and plan your stops accordingly. A stop with a view or something interesting to see and look forward to gives impatient travelers some purpose. Remember, it’s about the journey not the destination.
  2. Avoid the “are we there yet” line. Create a road trip countdown for the kids. You could make an easy to read road map, listing cities/towns/landmarks that’s on route. Alternatively put the information on sticky notes and stick them anywhere in the car or use a string with pegged cards that have the details of each destination and possibly time frames to get there. Let the countdown begin!
  3. Keep goodie or treat bags on hand for reaching milestones such as reaching destinations or whenever you see fit.
  4. Use a plastic shower caddy to keep on the go meals in one place and within easy reach while also holding shakes, water and cooldrinks upright.
  5. Wrap ear phones around unused gift cards or pegs. This will keep it tidy and avoids it getting tangled.
  6. Use a shoe organizer behind the passenger or driver seat to organize all your goodies needed for the trip. Anything from wipes, games, water, stationery and so on.
  7. Keep travel snacks and cereals in old plastic jars with flip top lids for easy dispensing. Alternatively use a bead tray or container with compartments that has a lid.
  8. Create a colouring case from an old DVD box.
  9. Use a ziploc bag for any emergency medications or for a car sick rescue kit.
  10. Keep cupcake holders that have a metallic surface on hand. It can be used to catch dripping ice lollies or use it in your car’s cup holders to avoid all the sticky drinks and food particles from collecting there.
  11. Create a portable Lego box that can be used both for storage of the lego and a platform for building it.
  12. Keep pacifiers clean by storing them in take away condiment containers.
  13. Store coins in empty sweet tubes or tubs. This comes in handy at toll gates and vending machines.
  14. Change your phone’s lock screen to an image that displays your emergency contact information. That way if its lost the person who finds it knows who to return it to.
  15. Ensure your kids have your contact details on them at all times, in case they wonder off.
  16. Mount your phone or tablet to the back of your seat for some screen time.
  17. Dirty shoes can be stored in shower caps. This avoids everything else in your suitcase or car from getting dirty too.
  18. Keep dice for board games in a small transparent container so it doesn’t get lost. You don’t need to remove the dice in order to role it, just give it a shake.
  19. Turn all of your favorite old board games into magnetic travel versions.
  20. Either bag outfits individually in ziploc bags or or roll them before placing in your suitcase. It saves space and keeps each outfit together. No scratching around in order to match up clothing items.
  21. Keep baby powder on hand for removing sand from your skin when stopping at the beach.
  22. Keep soaps, gels and any liquids from leaking in your bag by sealing it with cling wrap.
  23. Protect your phone from water and sand by sticking it in a ziploc bag when at the beach or near the pool.
  24. Put a sheet under baby or toddler car seats. This will keep your car seat clean and allows for easy tossing of crumbs and trash.
  25. Attach sippy cups to your kid’s car seat with a leash so that you don’t have to turn around and pick it up every time it gets dropped.

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Written by: René Reid

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