Kids and Scuba Diving

If children under the age of 12 are physically, mentally and emotionally able to handle the skills and understanding the knowledge needed to scuba dive and the thirst to learn, he or she should be able to get certified. In my experience with my kids, children today are learning concepts crucial to understanding the risks involved in scuba at a younger age than previous generations.

I find children are more eager to learn than older people are. In some cases, they are better able to comprehend the content and have better study habits than many adults due to their schooling. Children have a natural curiosity about the ocean and its marine life, and during school, even as young as 10, they study many of the principles that apply to diving, such as mathematical problem-solving, and the laws that apply to buoyancy and gravity. Learning to dive affords them the opportunity to apply some of these principles in real-world situations while they’re underwater.

There are many diving schools that offer holiday courses that cover the open water course during the school holidays which gives your child an awesome activity to do at a reasonable price and it’s a skill that lasts a lifetime.

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