Home-Schooling Tips

I heard someone once say… “only the brave teach”, it can be daunting to many. More and more parents are choosing to home-school, taking on the role of teacher too! As a mother and teacher assisting families with homeschooling, I thought I’d share some tips and advice for getting started and organised. First and foremost, in order maintain sanity, I recommend that you have a … Continue reading Home-Schooling Tips

Au pair, Nursery School and Special Needs Teacher available in Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

Having been part of the Sitters4U team since 2008 we are looking for a wonderful family for Yumna from October 2017 onwards. Yumna is seeking a part time au pair role from 13h00pm onwards, Monday to Friday, with possibility of full time during school holidays. She would prefer a position in the Southern Suburbs, Rondebosch to Tokai, from October 2017 with children aged between 0 … Continue reading Au pair, Nursery School and Special Needs Teacher available in Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

The Benefits of Homeschooling

Continuing from last week’s post introducing the exploration of homeschooling, this week let’s take a look at some of the benefits of homeschooling: When a child is homeschooling we have the opportunity to teach children that learning is not a chore, but exciting and fun. We can control what our children learn and when they learn it. While department requirements in terms of content covered … Continue reading The Benefits of Homeschooling

Language Development: Pick the right books

Language Development: Using Your Local Library

Your local library is a great place to start looking for books. The children’s librarian can help if your’e not sure which books to choose. By trying out different titles you’ll soon find out which ones your child likes. Joining the library is free and you can enrol babies as members from birth. Aim to take toddlers regularly and let them choose their own books as … Continue reading Language Development: Using Your Local Library

Vocabulary development: boosting with books

Language Development: Expanding Vocabulary

There are several resources available on a daily basis which can be used to swiftly expand a toddler’s vocabulary and encourage a more talkative child. Reminisce Looking at photos together is a great way to help toddlers learn the names of friends and family. If they can’t say a name yet, see if they can point to the people you name. With older children you can use … Continue reading Language Development: Expanding Vocabulary

Vocabulary Development: toddler talk

Language Development: Toddler Talk

By the time a child reaches the age of 18 months, their vocabulary generally ranges at between 40 to 60 words. Occasionally a single word will be used in place of a sentence  or words wont be pronounced properly. This swiftly expands between 18 to 24 months. Suddenly they will be putting together 2 or more words. At first they will only know a few short … Continue reading Language Development: Toddler Talk