Poisons Emergency Service 0861 555 777.

A New Poison Helpline for Cape Town

A new Poisons Emergency Service came into operation on 1st June 2015, which is serviced by both Tygerberg Hospital and Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. The individual numbers (021 931 6129 and 021 689 5227) previously used for poison emergencies by these two hospitals have been phased out. There is now a single dedicated telephone number which is operative immediately on a 24-hour basis: 0861 555 777. Poisons Information … Continue reading A New Poison Helpline for Cape Town

What Should Be on Your Food Labels?

In 2010 the hard fought battle for food labeling regulations finally became law, with the introduction of regulation R146. As a consumer, its important to know your rights. You have the right to know that a product that does not have the following information on the label should. You have the right to inquire should this information not be displayed. You have the right to … Continue reading What Should Be on Your Food Labels?

Language Development: How to read to infants

Language Development: How to Read to Toddlers

Before reading a book to a child, try to find time to read it yourself. Familiarise yourself with the story and content. Think about how you can possibly add some acting. Do a little dance, if appropriate. Perhaps act the story for them, sock puppets can add tonnes of fun. Reading is about having fun and learning together. This way you can also spot things in … Continue reading Language Development: How to Read to Toddlers

Introducing ‘Brands Africa’

As you know, at ChildCareSA, we are big on quality over quantity. We believe in maintaining the highest standards through our vetting processes. We are passionate about child safety standards and have been instrumental fore runners in bringing South Africa’s professional private childcare requirements up to par with international standards. In keeping with this spirit, it’s our absolute pleasure to introduce to you Brands Africa. … Continue reading Introducing ‘Brands Africa’

What Does the Term ‘Organic’ Really Mean?

Organic, it’s a term thrown around like a tennis ball at times. We find the term labelling clothing, fruits, vegetable, meats, wines and more. We know it’s better than a non organic product, but do we know why and what ‘organic’ actually implies? When we are referring to livestock that is certified organic; we are referring to animals who have been raised ‘free range’, and have been … Continue reading What Does the Term ‘Organic’ Really Mean?

What’s in a Free Range Egg?

Battery farmed eggs are eggs produced by chickens kept in ‘battery cages’. These are cages that confine the chicken to a tiny space which allows very little movement, they generally do not even allow space for the bird to turn. Considering that chickens, generally thought of as ‘bird-brains’, have been proven to be intelligent creatures, capable of grasping complex mental concepts including ‘cause and effect’ … Continue reading What’s in a Free Range Egg?