Au Pair Available in the City Bowl, Cape Town

Sitters4U would like to welcome Laurie to the team! Laurie is based in the City Bowl of Cape Town and is seeking a full day au pair position, with children aged between 0 and 5 years old.  Laurie comes highly recommended, she is reliable and is able to take initiative. Laurie has many years of experience working with special needs children from birth into adulthood. … Continue reading Au Pair Available in the City Bowl, Cape Town

How Easy is it to Breastfeed?

Last week we looked at the benefits of breastfeeding, but how easy is it to breastfeed? It’s supposed to be easy and natural, and for many new moms this is indeed the case, but just as many find it quite hard to get going. While a healthy newborn naturally has active sucking and rooting responses. For the infant this means they can start feeding immediately … Continue reading How Easy is it to Breastfeed?

Language Development: How to read to infants

Language Development: How to Read to Toddlers

Before reading a book to a child, try to find time to read it yourself. Familiarise yourself with the story and content. Think about how you can possibly add some acting. Do a little dance, if appropriate. Perhaps act the story for them, sock puppets can add tonnes of fun. Reading is about having fun and learning together. This way you can also spot things in … Continue reading Language Development: How to Read to Toddlers

Language development: Talking to your baby

Language Development: Baby Chat

Babies need to learn that when people speak they take turns. Answering an infant when they gurgle, coo or babble will help them to understand and learn this concept. From as young as three months, babies will wait for a response after ‘speaking’. Wait for them to finish and then respond. Encourage more ‘talking’ by smiling, maintaining eye contact and sounding enthusiastic about what they … Continue reading Language Development: Baby Chat