Play Time: Manners Managed

We have spoken about the importance of manners in previous posts, especially for older children, but at what point can we really start teaching our little ones the intricacies of manner culture? Of course we lead by example and aim to show courtesy in our behavior in front of children, which of course does ingrain in their young minds, but what and when can we … Continue reading Play Time: Manners Managed

Play Time: Silly Soup

Silly soup is a fun game which will help children from 2 years and older to enhance their verbal memory. For this game you will need a large soup pot with a lid, a large wooden spoon and a small basket of items. To start this game, tell the child you are going to make some soup and you’d like their help. Ask the child … Continue reading Play Time: Silly Soup

Play Time: Rainbow Treasure

Toddlers love searching games and this one, suitable for children as young as 18 months old also teaches them the names of colors, objects and counting. To start the game, say to the child, ‘Shall we go on a treasure hunt?’. Give the child a bag in which to collect things in. Where the child is still quite small show the child an object that … Continue reading Play Time: Rainbow Treasure

Play Time: Routine Ramble

Its a well known fact that routines help children to feel secure and children also love to mimic and most have a very caring nature about them. This wonderful game allows your little one to act out some of the routines day to day, mimic and practice the art of caring for others, while teaching them how they are cared for, simultaneously building language and … Continue reading Play Time: Routine Ramble

Play Time: Fancy Dress for Toddlers

A while ago we posted a delicious article on the benefits of letting children dress themselves. We highlighted how dressing oneself encourages self confidence and a sense of achievement, but did you know that making ‘dressing up’ a game can also enhance and boost their language skills? Try this fancy dress game as a learning tool to play with children from the age of around … Continue reading Play Time: Fancy Dress for Toddlers

Interview Tips for Au Pairs: Clean up your Online Profiles

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 10 years, chances are you have an online presence. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or one of the multitudes of platforms available these days for social media. It’s a great idea to check out your public social presence when you are in process of seeking a new role. I recommend using a device you don’t … Continue reading Interview Tips for Au Pairs: Clean up your Online Profiles

Interview Tips for Au pairs: Breathe and Relax

No matter what sort of job you are interviewing for, in any industry, its easy to stress out and become tense without even realizing its happening. Au pair interviews can be even more so. Parents are generally used to doing interviews. They are usually also quite nervous and a lot of the time don’t even know what to ask. At Sitters4U we provide clients with … Continue reading Interview Tips for Au pairs: Breathe and Relax