The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

Nowadays, our children are victims of the modern world, in which technology is the leading example of how to NOT get raised properly. We let our children expose themselves to the world through their mobile and desktop devices and often forget how exercise is important. Apart from exercise and movement as a prerequisite of every child, the values in life such as self-control, confidence, strength … Continue reading The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

Look Mom, I can Dress Myself!

In small ways every day, allow your child to experiment with their self-confidence. If your child is pleased with something he has done, as long as it is not destructive or against a house rule, acknowledge his good efforts. This positive encouragement and praise will uplift his self-esteem and encourage him to keep trying. With time he’ll naturally learn that the zipper goes in the … Continue reading Look Mom, I can Dress Myself!

Table Manners for Children

Your child must see you and the rest of the family setting the etiquette and good manners standards, be it at the dinner table, greeting people or answering the phone, how you interact with people and talk to them, in fact, with anything and everything you do. Remember you are never alone, their little eyes are watching your every move! This is how children learn! … Continue reading Table Manners for Children

Kids and Scuba Diving

If children under the age of 12 are physically, mentally and emotionally able to handle the skills and understanding the knowledge needed to scuba dive and the thirst to learn, he or she should be able to get certified. In my experience with my kids, children today are learning concepts crucial to understanding the risks involved in scuba at a younger age than previous generations. … Continue reading Kids and Scuba Diving

If You Love Puzzles, Time to Smile!

Mom’s Link Directory is pleased to introduce to you Smile Puzzles and educational toys! Smile Puzzles and Educational toys was established in 2002 by Steve Maree an industrial designer with a vision. Steve loved puzzles and he wanted to provide fun, quality educational toys and puzzles that the whole family could enjoy. With their fun, top-quality range of educational toys and puzzles which is continuously expanding to include … Continue reading If You Love Puzzles, Time to Smile!

Set for a Tobogganing Adventure

Who needs  snow to feel like you have just entered a winter wonderland of adventure? Visit the Cool Runnings Tobogganing Park for a winter sport inspired experience. Propelled forward at thrilling speeds of up to 40 km p/h around 1200 m of tracks, whether the adventurous kid is you, your 10 year old or grandpa, fun is guaranteed to be had by all. Opening times: … Continue reading Set for a Tobogganing Adventure