Fun with Bubbles

As much as we love our children, the early years can be quite challenging. Our infants, babies and young toddlers can’t communicate as easily as older children and entertaining them or engaging with them can feel a bit like being a one woman (or man) stand up show.

It can be quite challenging to think of activities to do with infants but something that always seems to constantly amaze little ones are bubbles.

baby bubbles 3

If the sun is shining, it’s great to take a blanket and bottle of bubbles outside.  With younger babes, you can either have them lying down or sitting up and blow bubbles for them to watch floating high or passing by their faces.

Toddlers will love to chase bubbles across the grass or in a field. They will delight in watching the sunlight shining off the bubbles and running to pop them before they hit the grass or trees. You can also encourage your child to try and blow bubbles themselves. Bubbles are loads of fun, I have spent many hours playing with bubbles with my children and there is always lots of laughing and giggling, chasing bubbles and popping bubbles.

bubbles 5

This is also a fun way of developing eye tracking and motor control of hands and arms. You could even introduce counting and numbers by counting how many bubbles you can blow or pop or catch.

You don’t need sunny weather to play with bubbles. They can be just as fun to catch and pop indoors although I would suggest choosing an area that is easier to clean. If you have a playroom, this would be the ideal spot.

If your little one is fussy at bath time or not a big fan of having a bath, blowing bubbles can be a helpful distraction. If you can enlist another adult or older child’s help, one of you can clean your little one whilst the other one blows the bubbles.

Another advantage is that bubbles are portable. It’s easy to pop a small bottle in your bag. These are a brilliant distraction if you need to take your little one someone that is not particularly child friendly. I have even used bubbles when my youngest was having injections. She was so focused on watching the bubbles that she barely noticed the needle or felt the prick.

bubbles 7

There is no doubt about it, babies love bubbles. So grab a bottle, find a comfortable spot, start blowing and enjoy the laughter, giggles and fun. Happy bubbling!

Written by: Monique Loewenthal

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