First Aid Course Special in Cape Town!

The Department of Labour is changing the first aid regulations, meaning all current first aid level 1,2,3 courses will fall away and a new 5 day full qualification will take its place. Candidates will have to compete a portfolio of evidence to prove they can treat patients. While this change is being challenged and we are awaiting the outcome, the regulations are scheduled to change from the 22nd of August 2018.

The new course will be far more expensive and time consuming. The average price at present to complete a SETA approved level 1 first aid course, valid internationally for 3 years is currently R 1200 or more. Sitters4U have arranged a level 1 course though one of our service providers for R 700 p/p. The course takes 18 hours (generally spread over 2 days), and must have 8 – 10 participants for a course to be arranged. The course can be hosted at your preferred venue or if you have a group of 10 or more people who would like to complete the course we can arrange a convenient location for you.

Reply to with your name, surname, contact number, physical address, and availability to sign up for the course.

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