Play Time: Skip Counting

What is skip counting?

Skip counting is counting by the same number, other than 1. You can start counting at any number and then add the same number to get to the next number. Skip counting by 2 when you starting at 0 looks like this…..0,2,4,6,8,10……. all it is is adding the same number over and over.


Learning to skip count help kids count things quicker, helps with addition, subtraction and also aids in learning the multiplication tables.

Make it fun for preschoolers!

Hopscotch is a great way of getting out and introducing skip counting. Kids will have so much fun while benefiting from both the physical as well as educational aspect of this activity. The activity shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes and you can get the older kids involved if you wish. All you need is some chalk and a driveway.  After drawing your hopscotch grid, number the blocks in 2’s (if you’re introducing counting in 2’s) instead of numbering the blocks 1-10 (the normal hopscotch way). You can change the grid using numbers in 4’s or 5’s as your child progresses.

There many other activities for practicing skip counting. From using paper plates and paper clips which also aids with fine motor skill development, to using the traditional number line or making use of a number grid that shows patters for skip counting! I recommend using an activity that your child will find interesting and also taking into consideration their learning style. Learning doesn’t have to boring.

Have fun!

Written by: René Reid

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