How Easy is it to Breastfeed?

Last week we looked at the benefits of breastfeeding, but how easy is it to breastfeed? It’s supposed to be easy and natural, and for many new moms this is indeed the case, but just as many find it quite hard to get going.

how easy is it to breastfeed

While a healthy newborn naturally has active sucking and rooting responses. For the infant this means they can start feeding immediately after birth. Doctors tend to recommend placing the newborn at the mother’s breast immediately following birth or within a maximum of 4 hours after birth. Mom’s however don’t naturally always know how to breastfeed, and that’s okay. For many their only experience in breastfeeding was when they themselves were breastfeeding as infants. There are experts available to advise and assist you if you need the assistance. Your midwife will assist if you are struggling.

Breastfeeding takes practice for you and your new infant. You’ll need to work on it as you find what works for both of you. If you find yourself struggling with the practicalities reach out for practical support from your midwife, nurses, or infant care specialist assistant.  Emotionally the process can also be trying, chat to your partner, family and friends if you feel frustrated, you will find comfort and encouragement.

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Written by: Bianca Steyn

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