Preggie Pals


For this first couple of months after your baby comes into this world you are likely to become a new person. You are no longer a wife first, or career women or social butterfly. You are mom. Your conversations are mostly gurgles and coo’s, your thoughts are baby-minded and the smell of baby poop mixed with Johnson’s baby powder becomes your new trademark scent.

It is so easy to drift away from friends and loved ones, especially those who are still baby-less. As a human, interaction with peers are immensely important. For this reason, I would like to encourage the mommies-to-be to build bonds with other women who are due soon whilst you are both still carrying the baby. This way, a friendship can grow and once the babies make their appearance, you have an adult confidant who understands this ‘new you’ without you having to explain as she too, is new.

So where do you meet these mommies-to-be who will become your ‘new you’ friends? At pre-natal class!


Pre-natal classes are often community orientated and it is easy to create a connection to the other pregnant women, by simply understanding where they are at in their pregnancy. It is a primal connection, that will make you feel empowered! The sisterhood of mommies is a tribe that is fierce. You need a tribe of woman to support you during this new phase.

The first step is to introduce yourself! Share how you feel during your pregnancy and you will be surprised to hear how many women are experiencing almost identical feelings to you! It can be very comforting re-affirming that you are not alone in these feelings and that everything is okay.

Share your due date, and get involved and excited about the other ladies’ due dates. Build a confidant group around woman of similar due dates to yours. Make sure you are all checking in weekly with each other on WhatsApp / social media to continue the support even when one thinks one no longer needs it.

These connections not only benefit you, but the babies will become your child’s friends.

Written By: Simoné Van Der Merwe

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