Pelvic Floor for Pregnancy


We have all heard what happens when mommy-to-be has a good giggle, or a sneeze.

She tinkles a little.

She is also constantly running, or waddling in this case, to the nearest ladies room. This is caused by a weakened pelvic floor. Of course, pregnancy isn’t the only cause of weakened pelvic floor muscles. Age and inactivity can also play a role. However, we mostly hear of women having issues with keeping it in either during pregnancy or after childbirth.

Let’s investigate why, and see if there is anything we are woman can do to prevent this little slip.

The Pelvic floor muscles are shaped like a bowl which is attached to the pelvis. These muscles not only support our reproductive and digestive organs, they also support baba during pregnancy and play a vital role in sex, for both mom and dad.

During pregnancy, the pelvic floor takes on an additional strain as it is carrying a whole new load of baby. Luckily, like any other muscle, the pelvic floor can be re-strengthened.

In yoga, we are constantly reminded to lift the pelvic floor, to strengthen and bring lightness to our poses. To do this, you will try to imitate the sensation of holding in urine, mid-stream during urination. And then releasing. And contracting again. As a expecting mommy, you too can practice this from the second trimester! However, be cautious not to contract your pelvic floor during the first trimester, avoid the strong pelvic contractions.

A stronger pelvic floor can help avoid many uncomfortable instances of urinary or stool incontinence, constipation or incomplete bowel and bladder emptying, lower back and abdominal pain, painful intercourse, diminished sexual satisfaction and the inability to reach orgasm, to name but a few.

Come on mommies, do it with me now!

And lift..


Written By: Simoné Van Der Merwe

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