Play Time: Silly Soup

Silly soup is a fun game which will help children from 2 years and older to enhance their verbal memory. For this game you will need a large soup pot with a lid, a large wooden spoon and a small basket of items.

To start this game, tell the child you are going to make some soup and you’d like their help. Ask the child to take the lid off the pot. Then ask them to choose an ingredient from the basket to add to the soup. Ask ‘What do you think we should have in our soup?’. Let the child choose an object, tell you what the object is and put it in the pot.

Then it is your turn. Say ‘ I think we should put some (for example, crayons or socks) in the soup. Pick the described object out of the basket and pop them in the pot.

Once you have 3 items in the pot, ask the child to stir the pot and put the lid on.

Now scratch your head and ask what is in the pot. ‘Can you remember the delicious things we put in the pot? See if the child can remember the ‘ingredients’, or if he or she struggles, try to help them remember by asking about what colour the items were and what shape they were.

Written by: Bianca Steyn

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