The Disadvantages of Homeschooling and How to Deal with Them

Last week we explored the advantages of homeschooling, of course like with any educational system there are potential disadvantages. Today we explore these and how to combat them.

the disadavtages of home schooling and how to overcome them

  • For those parents who choose to deliver content themselves, while many parents would not view this as a disadvantage; there is the fact that parents teaching their children themselves will be spending 24 hours a day with their children for several days at a time.  It’s imperative for your relationship both with your children and your partner that you do have ‘me’ time. Having an au pair to assist with setting up play dates and shuttling to and from extra murals could help. Of course so would babysitting services or there is the option of employing a home schooling teacher to take on some of the lessons during the week so that you can create a little ‘me’ time space.
  • Although views of the general populous are changing, Home Schooling still comes with a bit of stigmatisation in the sense that not every parent will agree with your choice to home school, until of course they start to see it working for your child, so you may come face to face with having to justify homeschooling to family and friends who oppose your decision to let your child learn at home.  Until about 10 or 20 years ago, home schooling was traditionally viewed as being for the super religious or those whose children had learning difficulties or even disabilities which of course is not the case today, with estimates for the number of home schooled children in South Africa having grown to the equivalent of another provinces worth of children (400 000 according to this article over at There are many ways to deal with this, you could of course choose to ignore or you could learn more about the stats for home schooled children, which in the United states, sees home schooled children rating full a 72 points higher than traditionally educated children on their SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test scores). One could only presume higher for South Africa with such a poor quality of education being delivered in schools.
  • Ever noticed yourself being slightly more patient with your friends children than your own? You may wish to carefully consider whether you will have the ability to be patient with your children when it seems they aren’t learning anything at all. Learning, and teaching, particularly educating your own child can be trying on even the most patient of parents. Sometimes it will take a while for  children to grasp certain concepts. When this happens you will need to be creative in your content delivery in order to make the learning and lesson delivery stick. Sometimes this can mean covering the same content from a number of different angles. A lot of curriculum delivery, can, therefore, if you are not qualified to teach, feel monotonous or tedious. Sometimes this can also be frustrating for you. It’s therefore essential to consider this aspect of the content delivery. Whether you would consider yourself patient enough or perhaps should instead consider hiring a home schooling teacher, even if only for a few shifts or particular lessons on a daily or weekly basis.
  • When you are homeschooling, depending on your chosen curriculum and whether this curriculum includes weekly tests via for example online platforms, your content delivery and that rate of learning speed of your child may see your child running miles ahead in some content that his or her friends and peers, however the opposite may also be true on occasion and your child may be ‘behind’ on a particular topic. You need to be prepared for these instances and bear in mind that this is a perfectly normal occurrence. You need to be able to remind yourself of where your child is ‘ahead’ and that by the end of the year, all content that is required to be covered will be.
  • You may be spending more money on your children’s education than you’re accustomed to. This is one that certainly comes up, often. It’s the biggest objection you might receive. Yes if you are moving from public schools to home schooling you may end up spending more than you were previously, the opposite may be true for those moving from private school to homeschooling where the child is participating in a group home schooling class such as those offered by Sitters4U(click here to enquire about getting into a Sitters4U home schooling class group in your area). If your lesson planning and delivery is well planned, outing and extra murals schedule planned and you have the correct support, this doesn’t need to be the case.


  • Ever have those days were you simply don’t feel like doing something? Everyone does, including your children but when homeschooling you need to be able to rise above those feelings and follow through, every day. You will need to commit, and encourage your children even when you don’t feel like it. Sounds like something you can handle? That is fantastic. If it doesn’t a homeschooling teacher or group may be your answer in this scenario.


  • Choosing of a curriculum can be daunting. It’s highly recommended that you research a few curriculum programs before you find one that works for you and your family. Over the next few weeks we will be considering a number of these options and what each offers in order to assist you in making a better decision for your child and /or children.


  • Another point to consider is the fact that you may need to put forth more effort to find children with whom your children can build quality relationships. At Sitters4u we are aiming to assist families alleviate this burden significantly through the creation and provision of area based homeschooling groups which will bring together up to 5 children of the same age and grades. Of course, beyond this, there are many more ways to assist your home schooled children to find and build quality relationships. Getting them into team based sports outside of the home is one option, you can also sign them up for other activities such as art classes, cooking classes or community service projects depending on their intersts. Girl guides and scouts are also a spectacular option teaching your children life skills, a real love of nature and the environment and forging bonds that could last a life time.

Although this list or the list we gave last week covering some of the benefits of home schooling, is by no means exhaustive, I hope I have given you valuable homeschooling information you can use to reach the best decision for your children’s education. Next week we explore how you can determine if homeschooling is right for your family.

If you have home schooled your children and have any advice for parents who wish to pursue this route, please comment below or if you have a specific question relating to this topic, drop us an email at or if you are interested in home schooling services for 2018, 2019, 2020 or beyond, why not complete our home schooling enquiry form by clicking here. Sitters4U is in the process of putting together homeschooling groups of up to 5 children across our coverage areas, which are in the same grades. This brings the cost of having a qualified teacher available to implement chosen curriculum’s in the privacy of your home down to below that of the average private school, ensures  one on one attention and secures social life does not come to a standstill in those few educational hours each morning. It also leaves more time for play, more time for exploration and outings in the real world.

Written By: Bianca Steyn

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