Take Care of Yourself Mommy

The saying goes… “A mother’s job is never done” … words so true. I salute you, moms, for all that you do! Yet please (yes I am begging) if there is one thing you can do for yourself and even more importantly for the ones you love, then it’s this… “take care of yourself!” Any good working machine needs a recharge to run optimally mother! Yes! We are machines who never stop, our jobs are never done.


Take time to exercise – think about how good you feel after that gym session or that walk in the park. Take the time! Your kids need a happy, healthy mommy.

Are you a full-time mom? Take that lunch hour! Yes, take time off. Read a book, make some coffee, put your feet up mamma. Please! Your kids need a happy, rested mommy.

It’s okay not to be perfect. Really! Set reasonable and achievable goals. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. That kitchen sink will just have to wait. And losing that baby fat, well, you’ll get there. Your kids need a happy, less-stressed mommy.

Don’t forget to laugh. Laugh at yourself, at your kids, okay maybe not at them, but with them. Lighten up, make jokes, do funny faces, play music (loud sometimes), dance like nobody’s watching…. You get the picture? Your kids need a happy, fun-loving mommy.

Sometimes it feels as though we have a thankless job. NOBODY (except other moms of course) understands what goes into it and the sacrifices that we make. So mommy, please thank yourself. Pat yourself on the back, yes do it. Reward yourself with that little black dress at the end of the month or that treat on weekends. Do it! You deserve it. Your kids need a happy, I-feel-appreciated (even if it is by yourself) mommy.

Take a nap when you need it, a cat-nap will do. You need the rest mamma. A tired mom, is grumpy mom. Your kids need a happy, rested mommy.

Its okay to say NO sometimes. I struggle with this myself, but for your own sanity, you are not superwoman, take a break, recharge. You cannot take on everything all the time. Focus on what’s important. Your kids need a happy, focused mommy.

Oh and please please please, keep connected. With your friends, with your support group, with your extended family or anyone who makes you happy. Just stay connected. This is very important mamma! We all have an identity besides being ‘a mommy’. So hire a sitter, put on that little black dress, do your hair and nails and connect with those people that you want to stay connected to. Trust me, you need it and so do your kids.

Written by: Rene Reid

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