Interview Tips for Au pairs: Breathe and Relax

No matter what sort of job you are interviewing for, in any industry, its easy to stress out and become tense without even realizing its happening.

Au pair interviews can be even more so. Parents are generally used to doing interviews. They are usually also quite nervous and a lot of the time don’t even know what to ask. At Sitters4U we provide clients with an interview guide to review which helps them but for most they will often struggle. Its may come as a surprise but nervousness often seems to rub off on others. If you have read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you will probably have a great grasp of exactly how our subconscious mind effects our actions without our being aware of it, and how this in turn has a subconscious effect on other behavior. So if the parents are nervous and you are nervous the interview may not go as well as you’d like it to. So remember to breathe and relax. Be aware of your own body, are your muscles tense, are your shoulders hunching, are your arms folded? Are you fidgeting? Breathe, relax. Try to sit comfortably, keep a good posture, and smile. We always say, a smile goes miles. Remember to maintain eye contact and use a firm handshake. Relax, breathe.

Remember you got this far because you are awesome. Being yourself is going to set the groundwork for a great future relationship. Parents want to hire people who are genuine. By doing so you are doing them and yourself a favor. Ensuring a better match. If you are projecting an image that isn’t ‘you’, in your interview and the parents hire you with this image in mind, the relationship isn’t going to last that long and it’ll end up being a smear on your CV. So breathe, relax, be you, if you are sitting in front of the family just right for you, you’ll connect this could be start of a beautiful relationship.

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