Why Circulation Is Important During Pregnancy


During pregnancy, the flow of blood from your heart to your toes needs not only to feed your own body, but also needs to supply all the good stuff to your growing baby. For this reason, you may experience circulation problems as your body now tries to navigate the new road map inside of you.

A disruption in normal circulation can result in edema, dizziness, hypertension, exhaustion and pre-eclampsia. It is therefore best to be attentive and notice the early signs and symptoms of circulatory issues. Although scary sounding, most of these can be deterred and even prevented by taking care of your body during pregnancy, and also having a pamper day every once in a while.

One of the most common symptoms, exhaustion, should not just be shrugged off as a symptom of pregnancy, but should rather be met with a proactive plan to increase circulation. We can do this by exercising. A short walk, some gentle yoga or pelvic exercises are always a good way to get the blood moving freely between you and your baby. Always ensure to only perform pregnancy safe routines.

Another great way to get your circulation up is to take time for yourself. Have an off day. Sit back, elevate those happy feet, relax, have a soothing bath, eat some dark chocolate or go for a massage- spoil yourself. Breathing, and taking it slow gives the body a moment to catch up- which in the busy lives we lead, is absolutely necessary. You might even consider looking up some babysitting services which will assist in giving you that off day every once in a while, as you will no doubt need this me-time once the baby is here!

If you prefer your treatment in the form of treats, stock the pantry with low density lipoprotein rich foods, ginger, avocado’s, oranges and watermelon which all assist in lowering the blood pressure and kick-starting the blood flow, enhancing your immune system and giving your baby a nutrient rich, warm home for the 40 weeks in your belly.

Written By: Simoné Van Der Merwe

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