Childminder Duties on Film Sets: Safety

What’s your number one priority to any child in your care?

Safety. Always the safety of a child comes first. This much is a given and applicable whether in our out of a spotlight.

Last week we explored sectoral determinations of the department of labour regarding the legal limitations of working hours and break times for children under the age of 15 years old working in the film industry. What about safety? While working hours are a large part of keeping a child safe from exhaustion and abuse, let’s take a look at the safety requirements for children working in the performing arts sector.

childminders on film sets

Play Time

  • While we mentioned that is is a necessity for regular breaks and the provision of meals, employers are also required to provide a safe area for children to rest and play.


  • It’s important that at all times children are accessible by the child’s parent, legal guardian or child minder has reasonable access to a child during a call.
  • At all times the child should be visible and audible to you as the childminder, to the parent or legal guardian.
  • The Parent, legal guardian or childminder must accompany the child or children to wardrobe, make up and to the dressing room.

Dangerous Spaces

  • On set as a childminder, guardian, parent or employer its important to remember that if a child is not ready or fit to perform, the child may not be forced to do so.
  • Employers must ensure that children are not exposed to any unhealthy practices, physical danger, emotional harm or any stress whilst on call.

Out and About

Its fairly common for children to be required to be on film sets away from their homes and overnight, but what are the requirements that employers must fulfill if they would like a child to be available on a remote set?


  • The parent or legal guardian needs to agree to the request and full details of the accommodation must be provided.
  • Accommodation on an overnight location needs to be offered free of charge to the child, their parent, legal guardian or child minder.
  • The accommodation offered must be clean, comfortable and safe as well as offer suitable toilet and washing facilities and additionally may not be occupied by any other adults, except for the parent, legal guardian or child minder.

What about Transport?

Did you know that safe transport must be provided to children and the parent, legal guardian or child minder, between the home and the workplace,on request whenever the child required to travel at the beginning and at the end of a workday without delay? Yup that’s correct, on request, at the cost of the employer, transport must be provided.

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Written By: Bianca Steyn

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