Interview Tips for Au pairs: Get Involved

So you get to your interview and if you have been following our weekly interview tips, you arrived on time, your CV looks dreamy, your stellar file puts grandma’s scrap-booking skills to shame, you are dressed presentably and comfortably. Then there is that awkward moment when you realise that the kids will be making up a large part of the interview. It’s fairly daunting meeting adults who you could be getting too know really well and personally in what is supposed to be a professional role. Sometimes meeting the kids simultaneously can be overwhelming, sometimes it can be a relief, depending on whether you prefer adults or children for company. Either way this is it, your cue to Get Involved! Its your chance to show off.  You might even have more experience working with children than the parents that are interviewing you.

Interact with the kids. Get down on their level, Make eye contact with them. Listen to them and resist the urge to interrupt. Use encouraging words and positive language. Ask them about their interests and make suggestions of activities that they would find interesting based on what they have mentioned. You might like to even bring along your au pair ‘tool-kit’ of some puzzles or games to share with them during the interview.

By this point the parents might by this point be so impressed they ask you to do a trial shift with the family. This is a really good sign and a brilliant opportunity to spend time with the kids. The parents will likely use this experience as a way to gauge your performance so bring your A game, well don’t go too over board as you are setting the standard of performance at this point. You can continue to impress the family once hired by raising the bar even further.

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