Happy Feet During Pregnancy

The changes to your body during pregnancy can be daunting, but some common ailments can be prevented by being aware and consciously taking care of the body parts that move you around all day- the feet. Let’s explore how to maintain happy feet during pregnancy.

Over the 40 weeks of pregnancy as our bellies lovingly grow, and we lose sight of our feet, foot neglect seemingly creeps up us. Pressure changes and the shift of the centre of gravity of our body places excessive stress on the joints, bones and muscles of the foot resulting in, most commonly, pronation and edema. So how do we consciously combat this?

Edema means swelling and is caused by an excess of fluid being trapped in the body tissue. To prevent, and treat this, we recommend elevating your feet – kick back, relax and let your hubby handle the cooking. Momma is after all growing a little human. If you really need to get around, pay attention to the type of footwear you dress in during this time. Make sure the shoe fits the foot well, and that your circulation is not restricted. Take note of the growing size of your feet during pregnancy, as they no doubt will also grow. You may even notice that your socks too can cause restrictions in blood flow which will lead to edema. Investing in seamless socks might be of benefit to you!

Over pronation is caused by the gradual shift of weight due to gravity of carrying a baby. This means that unwittingly you start rolling in the feet, to compensate for the extra weight bare, resulting in what we know as ‘flat feet’. You will notice pain in the heel, arch and even the ball-of-foot which in turn causes problems with your posture. To resolve this issue, we consciously bring our focus to our feet, and take care to walk with awareness. Insoles are sometimes recommended, but this has the risk of just masking the issue, and you end up walking incorrectly when the insoles aren’t worn. Thus, we say: lose the slippers, and trundle around barefoot!

itchy feet during pregnancy

Always take care of your health, whether you are expecting or not. Drink plenty of fluids, to keep your body hydrated, eat a well-balanced diet and take care to avoid foods that can cause water retention such as foods that are high in sodium. Exercise regularly, but be sure to only practice pregnancy safe routines, such as Prenatal Yoga.

Written By: Simoné Van Der Merwe

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