Au Pairing: Is it for Everyone?

What Au pair Wannabe’s Should Know:

Many young people go through a time in their lives where they are easily attracted to the life of being an au pair because from the outside it looks like easy money.

“I’ll just be looking after a couple of kids. No problem!”

But is this what au pairing really is about, or do we need to re-educate society on childcare?


Making a commitment to a family, that you are qualified and experienced enough to take care of their precious little baba’s is easy. Especially when you don’t know what it is really all about and you are just there for the money.  Being an au pair means that you promise to take care of these children, like they were your own, and that you are able to assist them in all stages off growing up.

This means you have first aid knowledge, you have early childhood development skills, you are able to keep up with the busy lifestyle of a child and you have patience by the bucket load. This also means you can communicate efficiently with children and parents. It means you are able to balance keeping the playroom a fantasy world for the child, whilst leaving it tidy enough for mom to not trip over a Lego castle set. It also means you are constantly learning and adapting your au pairing style as the child grows. It means you are loving, you are kind and you are very hard working. Being a child minder is not an easy task, as you will soon learn.

At Sitters4U we pride ourselves on the quality of candidates we put in front of our families. This is why we have such high standards for our au pairs. If you think you have what it takes to be an au pair, have a look at our minimum requirements, and sign up here. (This form will take about 30-60minutes to complete. If you think you have the patience to look after a toddler, you certainly have the patience to get through this).

Written By: Simoné Van Der Merwe

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