Interview Tips for Au pairs: Be Prepared

Like a girl guide, your motto should be ‘Be Prepared’. If you have been an au pair for a while now, you should have built up a stellar file of activities and information by now.

In an interview its essential. The more information and ‘show-and-tell material’ you have available to you to provide the family, the more professional you will appear and the better your chance of getting the job.

Take along the following as the basics:

  • A few copies of your CV. Check out how to set up your CV for au pair role applications here.
  • Ensure that you include your reference and letters of recommendation. If you don’t have these we highly recommend you perhaps start approaching your old clients for these.
  • Take along copies of any certificates, diplomas, degrees and your first aid certification.
  • Review our interview guide for au pairs here. You may have been au pair for years and think that this isn’t essential, but 90%  of the time its those that review this guide and give some thought to the questions they will be receiving before the time that find it easy to answer questions, making for a smoother interview and a better overall impression.
  • Take along a pen and paper, preferably a diary which is colorful in nature. Remember that a lot of parents seek signs of not only your organisation skills get your creative ones too.
  • Have a list of questions prepared you would like to ask the family, families prefer candidates that ask questions. It demonstrates a real interest in the role. If you don’t know what you should be asking we have put together a list to spark some ideas. Check it out here.

  • The stellar file. Some of you probably have no idea what this is, but if there is one thing that always knocks our socks off, its when a candidate arrives for an interview (yes, with the agency) with that stellar file. A Stellar file is usually a file containing all of the above listed items. Its generally bright, colourful and resembles a scrapbooking file delightfully showing off your creativity skills. It will contain lists of games, ouma’s favorite recipe for playdough, easy bake treats to make with the kids, photos of activities of you and your past families having a tonne of fun, basically a beautiful tribute to your past experience, skill set and real interest in your role as an au pair. When you work with kids under 5 this is a sure fire item to impress a potential family. Watch this space as we will be posting articles on creating this file for yourself in the future.

  •  Last but not least, take along your au pair ‘tool-kit’. Games and toys that are age appropriate that could be used to entertain the children should they also be present for the interview. (More on this in future posts).

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