Keeping Your Little Ones Comfortable This Winter


Add Moisture

During the winter months, we use the heating systems in our homes almost constantly. This not only drys out the air in our homes, it can dry out our bodies as well. Add a little moisture back in the air in the form of steam. A great option is to leave your child’s bathroom door open during a hot bath to let the steam seep into their bedroom. Also, a humidifier is ideal for helping to break up congestion — and when you add a little organic eucalyptus or tree tea oil it can help with thinning mucus and provide overall relief. You may want to try running the humidifier during the night when your child sleeps, since that may be the time of the day when the flu is particularly unbearable for them. Remember, a little bath oil in their bath water helps a lot as does a nice cream smear afterwards. What I do, is while the water is still running I put the body lotion bottle into the warm water, that way but the time that bath is over the cream is warm and it’s not such a big drama to put it on. It really helps.


Soup for the Soul

If sick with the flu, the last thing that your child will feel like doing is eating. However, proper nutrition during the flu can help determine how long it lasts and how quickly they may bounce back to optimum health. Do your best to get your child to eat. Start with a hot organic soup — even if it is just the broth — and include ingredients such as thyme, rosemary, sage, and garlic, all of which contain antimicrobial properties. You can also add vegetables and proteins that will become very soft in the broth such as, carrots, potatoes, tofu, and onions. In fact, whenever my kids are sick with the flu or a cold, they requests chicken soup! Note: Let soup cool to a temperature that will not burn your little one before feeding him/her.


Take a Soak

Taking a soak in a bath may make your child feel better when they have the flu – however only if they aren’t experiencing a fever. If they are, a cool bath may help to relieve their discomfort. In either event, adding 2 tablespoons of organic mustard powder and 1/4 cup organic baking soda to create a mustard bath is a great way to draw out the impurities in your child’s body, since mustard has detoxifying properties.


Give a Massage

Sometimes the one thing that will make a child feel better than any medicine is the human touch. I like to lay on the my bed with my son whenever he is sick and give him a massage, foot rub or even just gently caress his hair and back. He also really enjoys it when I make my homemade organic almond oil chest rub and give him a chest massage. Doing so helps to break up his congestion and makes his body feel better too!

It’s an easy recipe of 1 tablespoon organic almond oil mixed with 4 drops of organic eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon essential oils. A little old fashioned Vicks under his feet does wonders for opening a stuffy nose too.

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