Psychological Benefits of Exercise for Kids

It is a well known fact that exercise has many physical benefits, but what are the benefits of exercise on your children’s psychological well being?

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Whether you are partaking in sports, going to a park, climbing the jungle gym or taking a walk, physical activity allows you to unwind, build self esteem, get active and engage with others.

Exercise reduces depression and improves your mood. When you are active, you are distracted from the daily stressors and negative thoughts. Exercise releases endorphins which lifts your mood and gives you a better outlook on life.

Exercise through sport encourages team work which will benefit the child later in life, whether it be in the workplace or socially. Teamwork through sports such as netball, soccer, rugby and hockey are great for fostering these qualities and are also good for fostering leadership qualities.

Exercise improves quality of sleep. You will find that kids who are physically active fall asleep faster and have better quality of sleep. Quality of sleep improves their outlook the next day, as well as their mood (unless the activity is done too late in the day).

Regular exercise boosts your confidence and improves your self-esteem. Your self-image improves with skills developed, strength and stamina through physical activities. As relationships are built through sporting activities, kids feel more confident in building relationships through socializing.

Ultimately there are many psychological benefits to exercise. When children become physically active at a young age they are more likely to stay active as they become adults.

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