How to set up your Au pair CV to get the Job

At Sitters4U we receive hundred of CV’s from au pairs across the South Africa every month. It would surprise you  then as to how often its difficult then for us to gauge at a glance what childcare experience our applicants have, when they have worked for families, the details of the positions they have worked in, etc.

It’s important to structure your CV in a way that’s easy to read and assess. While as an agency we take our time to scour through CV’s often family client’s simply don’t have the time and will miss important roles you have played in families lives. So what is the best format or layout for a childcare CV? Especially if you are used to the more corporate format? To make your CV easy to read and have a good flow, we recommend the following basic format:

  1. Display your personal information.
  2. Display your education information, including the course name, the duration of the course, a basic breakdown of the course material or subjects, particularly in the case of tertiary studies relating to childcare.
  3. Display your Childcare experience. Include the clients name, contact details, the date started, the date completed, the number and age of children when you started, a description of your daily routine and responsibilities. Perhaps a few words about your experience and relationship with the family and your reason for leaving
  4. List your ‘other experience’ in a ‘other experience’ section after the section on childcare.

When applying for a specific job, it may also be a great idea to include a note regarding the job you are applying for, a little bit more about yourself and why you feel you would be perfect for this particular role.

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