Year End Party Time

It’s one of our favorite things to do at Sitters4U; catering to functions. Generally speaking most of our staff are found working separately for private clients. It’s a tremendous opportunity to work together and have fun doing what we love!

Sitters 4 U - 28 Nov 2015 © Goosebump Productions-4866

This last weekend we were blessed enough to work with over 100 children. We managed a number of rides including pony rides, water slides, jumping castles and electronic rides. We loved meeting and making new little friends throughout the day. With some as young as a few months old, to pre teens of around 12 years of age we had a wide range of children to entertain. For the Sitters4U team, this was not a challenge. Running to and from the ice cream and milkshake stalls (with all the trimmings imaginable), gathering the children for arguably one of the most well delivered story times ever and going on a search for Santa to hand out gifts ( It was an entertaining bonus watching Santa and his elves land up directly in the pool after  handing out gifts to everyone) was tremendous fun. Of course certain children needed their own au pair for the day to insure they didn’t hurt themselves or end up slipping and falling in the pool when the inevitable sugar rushes kicked in and turned them into micro cheetahs with zero awareness of slippery areas around the pool. Parents were ever so grateful for the ability to relax and enjoy themselves knowing their children were in the best hands.

Eventually after a day of fun in the sun, we all ended up in the toddler pools spending our last hour of the day entertaining the kids, throwing balls and playing water games, most of us at least thigh deep with our jeans on (had I only been aware of the vastness of the pool area more of us would have been in shorts). Looking forward to our next one. If you are hosting a year end event, general events throughout the year, wedding or other function  and need some quality entertainers and child careYea for your function, or perhaps need professional childminders on a film set click here to find out more about our services and make a booking or receive a quote.


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