Language Development: 2 to 4 Years Old: Key Skills

What are the key skills a child should be encouraged to develop between the ages of 2 and 4 years old? How can you best equip a child to develop a passion for literature or a beautiful penmanship?

Today we look at these skills at a glance.  Key skills to be developed should include:

  • Adding new words to the child’s spoken vocabulary.
  • Children should be encouraged to speak in longer sentences.
  • They should be learning to listen carefully in order to fully understand what you are saying and being taught to ask the meaning of a word, if they do not understand it.
  • They should start to enjoy reading books, and become familiar with a range of books and rhymes.
  • Children should begin to recognise print and know what it is for.
  • They should be capable or start to pick out sounds in certain words.
  • They will begin to recognise certain letters of the alphabet and how to form them.
  • They will develop better fine motor control with a pencil or crayon.

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