What Should Be on Your Food Labels?

In 2010 the hard fought battle for food labeling regulations finally became law, with the introduction of regulation R146. As a consumer, its important to know your rights. You have the right to know that a product that does not have the following information on the label should. You have the right to inquire should this information not be displayed. You have the right to know where go to get that information and to request it from the producer. Happily in recent times more and more suppliers are becoming compliant. However we are not there yet, and due to the ‘5% rule’ we are still being somewhat misinformed. Review our article on GMO products available on SA shelves you could be consuming, some even labelled GMO free which are currently available on supermarket shelves, including  these regulations include:

  • description of the ingredients contained in the food printed clearly next to the name of the product;
  • the food’s country of origin;
  • statements such as “high fiber”, “sugar free” and “low fat” must be substantiated by a nutritional table;
  • a percentage breakdown of ingredients advertised on the label;
  • a best before, sell by, and use by date;
  • food allergens contained in the product, such as peanuts and dairy products, must be declared.
  • Labeling will only be triggered when there is 5% or more GM content

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