What’s the Law on Labels: Ingredient Percentages

A percentage breakdown of ingredients advertised on a label should be listed in their relevant unit of measurement. This should indicate the percentage of the particular nutrient in terms  their NRV (national reference values) or RDA (recommended daily allowance). This requirement is listed under what’s called QID or Quantitative Ingredient Declarations.

“Where, in the case of a foodstuff, the labelling places special emphasis on the presence of one or more valuable or characterising ingredient, or where the description has the same effect, the ingoing percentage of this ingredient at the time of manufacture shall be declared (prominently),” and “No ingredient shall be emphasised in any manner if the ingoing percentage of the emphasised ingredient is less than 2% by weight” it states.

Many producers have, besides listing the percentage values of ingredients, started listing nutrients and their percentage per 100 grams (g). This information allows consumers to easily compare one product to another and determine whether your diet is providing the nutrient content your body needs on a daily basis.

For more information on nutrition or if you have seen products that do not have percentages listed please let us know by commenting below, emailing us on info (@) childcaresa.com or on our new Facebook group: Facebook.com/ChildCareSA or  Childcaresa.com.


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