Understanding the Difference Between Grain Fed vs Grass Fed

According to a number of resources; most of the public do not currently grasp the difference between the terms ‘grass fed’ and ‘grain fed’.

Grain fed animals are generally those raised in lots, which restrict the animal, making it easier to fatten them up as quickly as possible. Their fodder is often non-organic, consisting of mainly genetically modified grains or soy, occasionally even containing animal by-products. This also typically contains antibiotics as the animals suffer from having to digest  food their system is not actually designed to handle and more often than not food is also boosted with synthetic growth hormones designed to assist the animals to reach their slaughter weight as quickly as possible.

Grass-fed animals by contrast, tend to live in pastures which are free of pesticides and herbicides. Their diet is generally natural, free of hormone and antibiotics or animal by product. It’s been proven that animals raised in this manner produce meat which is of higher nutritional value with far less harmful fats than that of grain-fed livestock.

So do your heart, your body and your family a favour, buy grass-fed. The cows will thank you too.

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