What Does the Term ‘Organic’ Really Mean?

Organic, it’s a term thrown around like a tennis ball at times. We find the term labelling clothing, fruits, vegetable, meats, wines and more. We know it’s better than a non organic product, but do we know why and what ‘organic’ actually implies?

When we are referring to livestock that is certified organic; we are referring to animals who have been raised ‘free range’, and have been grass fed. These animals  pastures are pesticide free as is their food supply which must be free from unnatural chemical pesticides or growth promoting hormones in order to be certified 100% organic.

With food, drink and clothing, a similar set of rules applies and in these cases again, produce must be grown in an environment which is free from  unnatural pesticides, insecticides, GMO’s or growth hormones.

Catch our next food related article on the difference between grass fed and grain fed livestock and which you should be buying and why.

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