First Aid Basics: How to deal with poisoning via the skin

Poisoning via the skin may happen in a number of ways. It could happen as a result of corrosion, chemical contact, animal bites and stings, or the injection of drugs. When it is chemical, the first step is to check the patients vital signs, once these are established, you should try to clean the affected areas with as much running water as possible. The injuries will like like burns and covered in sterile bandaging ( do not use cotton wool) and seek professional help.

When the poisoning is a result of drug use or animal poisoning, you need to slow down the patients circulation to the affected area. Apply a compression bandage as high as possible on the afflicted limb. It should be tight enough to block the veins of the involved limb, the veins of the limb should swell up. This is to minimize the blood flow and spreading of the poison. Similtaneously it must be loose enoughto allow blood to enter the limb through the arteries. Should either the toes or finger tips start turning blue, it is too tight. When bandaging is too tight , it may cause the death of the bandaged limb. This unfortunately only works on limbs. For bites on the head or torso, professional rescue services must be called immediately  and the patient must not be moved unless absolutely necessary.

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