How to Check a Reference Telephonically

To assist you to find the best staff available, we have put together a list of great questions to ask a reference.

When you first call, give your name, explain who gave you the person’s details and explain that you would like to do a reference on the candidate you are calling about.  Then ask:

  • Ask the reference if they know the applicant
  • Ask how the reference met the candidate.
  • Ask if the reference has any personal relationship or family ties to the candidate.
  • Ask when the reference met the candidate.
  • Ask what the references occupation is.
  • Ask how long the applicant worked for the candidate.
  • How many children does the reference have?
  • Ask the ages of the references children when the candidate was assisting.
  • What were the applicant’s responsibilities when working for the reference?
  • How did applicant discipline the children?
  • Ask the reference to describe the applicant’s general daily appearance?
  • Ask about the applicants interaction with the references children.
  • Did the applicant take the initiative to keep them busy with age appropriate games, projects and outings?
  • Did the reference and their children enjoy being in the applicant’s presence?
  • Did the reference ever have any issues with time keeping or the applicant’s responsibilities that were unsatisfactory?
  • Did the applicant obey the references rules and regulations at home?
  • Ask the reference to describe the candidates personality?
  • Ask what were the applicants worst personality traits.
  • What was the applicants best personality traits?
  • Why did the applicant leave the references employment?
  • Would the reference hire the candidate again?
  • Does the reference  consider the applicant to be mature, emotionally stable, and healthy?
  • Carefully review the resume and references provided by the applicant.

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