50 Baby Names Inspired by the Olympics

50 baby names inspired by the Olympics

Since it is the Olympics and all, I thought I’d share some baby names inspired by the games. How cool are these?

  1. Phelps
  2. London
  3. Summer
  4. Olympia
  5. Or just “Pia”
  6. Goldie
  7. Bronze
  8. Sylvie
  9. Sylvia
  10. Blue (as in Red, White, and Blue, not as in “Ivy”)
  11. Bar (as in uneven bars, not “Refaeli”)
  12. America
  13. John (a man named John has represented the United States in the Olympics 134 times!)
  14. Sarah (there are 8 women named “Sarah” on the USA team)
  15. Jake (… and 5 “Jakes”)
  16. Ryan (as in Lochte)
  17. Jordyn (as in Wieber)
  18. McKayla (as in Maroney)
  19. Gabrielle (as in Douglas)
  20. Natalie (as in Coughlin)
  21. Claressa (as in Shields)
  22. Nadia (as in Comaneci — old school)
  23. Berlin
  24. Track
  25. Medal
  26. Archer
  27. Apollo
  28. Zeus
  29. Athena
  30. Demeter
  31. Champion (Champ)
  32. Javelin
  33. Torch
  34. Love (tennis)
  35. Duncan (as in “dunk” basketball, bleh — maybe that one’s a stretch)
  36. Leo (as in “leotard” — alright, this is just getting crazy)
  37. Victory
  38. Victor
  39. Coach
  40. Star
  41. Anthem
  42. Captain
  43. Sport
  44. Ringo (Rings)
  45. Wynn
  46. Bela (as in Bela Karolyi, Mary Lou Retton’s coach)
  47. Gainer
  48. Ralph (Lauren)
  49. 49. India
  50. Kenya

Via The Stir

via Baby names | Rattle and Mum.

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