Interview Questions to Ask Childcare Staff About Their Abilities

The following set of questions are great examples you can use to learn more about a candidates general abilities:

  • Have you ever bathed children before, if so how old were the children?
  • Does she understand the dangers of a bathroom? Ask her to give examples.
  • How do you discipline children? Tell her your own feelings on this only after you have ascertained hers first.
  • What was your worst child care experience you have ever had and how did you manage it?
  • What kinds of activities do you think are good for children?
  • Do you like to get involved in planning activities and outings? Give a few examples please?
  • What are her ideas for entertaining your children? You might ask her to give you some examples of what she might do, or projects she might attempt with your children. Ideally, these shouldn’t create a need for large expenditure on your part. A candidate with a good store of entertainment ideas and projects at her fingertips is a rarity and if you find such a candidate, consider seriously making her an offer.
  • Do you cook? What type of meals can you cook for the children?
  • Can you swim? If yes, ask if she is happy to swim with the children?
  • Are you happy to help with household chores that pertain to the children?
  • How would you encourage the children to be neater in daily life? Tell her what chores would be hers to do. E.g. ensuring the children’s room is clean etc. and ask her if she is comfortable with this, if not, what she would be comfortable being responsible for.
  • What are her views on eating between meals and how does she feel mealtimes should be managed?
  • If your children have allergies or intolerance’s, talk to the candidate about these. Is she able to manage these?
  • Are you happy to do shopping or take the children to the doctor on occasion?
  • Has she ever been in an accident? Was it her fault?

What else would you like to know about a candidates experience? Share your tips below.

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