Top 8 questions to ask yourself before hiring an au pair, driver, tutor, etc.

Before hiring an au pair, driver, tutor, nanny or other childcare staff, who will almost undoubtedly play a  huge role in your lives and especially in the lives of your children, there are a few things, you should ask yourself. Here’s our top eight;

  1. Why did your last au pair leave? This is important to consider as honestly as possible. It will help you establish what to look for in your next childcare assistant.
  2. What are the hours you will need the chosen candidate on a daily basis? Are the hours required reasonable, too few, and what is the the timetable like?
  3. What happens in the case of illness? Do you have a plan for when your assistant is sick? Having a plan
  4. Will you need the chosen candidate to babysit occasionally?
  5. What are your children’s interests and how can the candidate you are seeking contribute to your child’s development in this area? Think about this. It will help to know what talents and personality traits you are looking for in a candidate. Choosing an au pair, professional nanny, home schooling teacher or tutor is a far more personal choice than hiring a secretary.
  6. Do you require your selected candidate to cook for you? If so, what meals will she need to prepare? Light snacks, lunch, dinner etc. Sometimes compromise is required between wants. If you are considering hiring a student but want someone capable of putting together dinner for 6, it may not work.
  7. Do you have any Education or Qualification requirements? This is really a personal choice at the end of the day.
  8.  What about school holidays? Will the candidate need to work full day during school holidays? This is one of the first things to establish.

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