Keeping the kitchen safe is important

Safety First in the Kitchen

The kitchen, it’s the hearth of the home, it’s where we prepare food and babies bottles, some families eat in their kitchen while others entertain while they cook. A big part of good kitchen organization is planning and preparing for kitchen safety, especially if there are young children in the home. We’ve put together a number of tips you can use to ensure the safety of the children in your kitchen.

For starters, lets look at the risks associated with a kitchen to a little one who could be  a quarter of your size, or smaller and for whom you are wholly responsible.

Keeping the kitchen safe is important
Keeping the kitchen safe is important

In no particular order the following are a few of the most common accident areas; scalding, electrical and grease fires, handling of hot items, food safety and preparation, cleanliness, electrical safety, handling small appliances, handling sharp objects and of course child proofing.

Tips which could prevent a multitude of the aforementioned high incident areas include; installing a safety gate on the kitchen door for when you are cooking or distracted. Making sure there is a fire extinguisher  in your kitchen. Installing doorstops, drawer and cabinet locks for lower cupboards and drawers. Corner bumpers for sharp edges. Keeping children away from hot water taps and kettles. Checking that your high chair is secure and meets safety standards. It should have a lock tray as well as a safety belt or strap. If it doesn’t, do not use it. Always make sure that children are secure in their high chairs, and never leave young children unattended in a kitchen. Always turn the pot handles of cooking food toward the back of the stove. Store all cutlery, plastic bags, lighters and matches safely and out of reach of the children. Never leave cooking food unattended. When cooking try to use the back plates to cook with. Keep hot liquids and food away from the edges of tables and counters. Make sure that the children know how to ‘stop, drop and roll’, should their clothes catch on fire. Store, small portable appliances and their cords safely out of the reach of children. Keep these appliances unplugged when not in use. Replace damaged cords and wires. Never attempt to fix a damaged appliance yourself, always use a professional services. It is also highly advisable to install outlet plugs to place in open electrical outlets, even those that seem out of reach.

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